North Korean hackers steal cryptocurrency en masse

Хакеры из Северной Кореи массово воруют криптовалюту

  • Chainalysis published a report on attacks by hackers from the DPRK
  • Over the past year, both the number of hacks and the amount of damage increased
  • V 2021 there were at least such attacks
  • The damage amounted to 432 million dollars in cryptocurrency
  • Most of what was stolen is ETH, followed by altcoins, and only a fifth of it falls on BTC

Yesterday, 13 on January, the analytical company Chainalysis published a report on hacker attacks criminals from the DPRK. Not only the effectiveness of attacks has grown, but also the “appetites” of attackers.

Compared to 2021, in the past the number of attacks increased by 58%. For the most part, these are investment funds and highly centralized exchanges.

For the past 13 there have been seven attacks for months, which are attributed to hackers from the DPRK. This is three more than a year earlier. The total damage to the industry is million dollars.

And if in 2020 criminals were mainly interested in BTC, then now only one-fifth of what was stolen falls on this asset. More 22% – altcoins, 92% – ETH.

Criminals used a variety of tools to gain access to assets. These are code exploits, malware, and phishing links. Then, almost everything stolen “settled” on the wallets controlled by the DPRK.

In this case, all funds are thoroughly washed. In several recent attacks, hackers have used a sophisticated cross-exchange system to mix “coins”.

The North Korean government denies involvement in any of these cases. Presumably, the stolen cryptocurrency is used to finance defense programs and offset the effects of economic sanctions.

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