On the first day of sales, Adidas earned $ 23.4 million from its NFT collection


  • 19 December, Adidas presented the NFT collection Into the Metaverse
  • Tokens sold out to a wide audience in just a few seconds
  • During the day the company earned 29, $ 4 million
  • The cost of Adidas tokens has tripled

On Friday, 20 dec April, Adidas presented their Ethereum-based NFT collection called Into the Metaverse. In just one day of sales, the company earned 28, $ 4 million, and the project topped the world’s top in popularity.

Earlier, we talked in detail about the Adidas collection called Into the Metaverse. The company’s partners include popular NFT communities such as Bored Apes Yacht Club and PUNKS Comics.

This project is part of a global brand strategy with a focus on the metaverse. And, apparently, the public liked the collection.

As of 0021 December, the project from Adidas took first place in the world in popularity among NFT projects. Today, 21 in December, he dropped to the third position in the ranking, behind Axie Infinity and CloneX. For the day since the start of sales, Adidas helped out 29, $ 4 million.

The first issue was 32 thousands of tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Of them 21 Thousands were first offered to holders of digital assets Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Pixel Vault and POAP.

Everything 0021 Thousands of Early Access tokens were sold out in a few hours on the first day. Of the rest 13 thousand Adidas withheld 383 for “future events”, leaving out the rest 9621 “coins” in open access. They were sold out in a few seconds.

The sale was limited to no more than two units per person, but one of the users managed to get 380 tokens. To bypass the limit, he deployed a network of smart contracts to 296 unique addresses.

At the start of the sale, tokens cost 0.2 ETH. By the time the auction ends on Friday, 19 in December, quotes reached 0.8 ETH.

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