OpenSea raised $ 300 million with an estimate of $ 13.3 billion

Рыночная стоимость маркетплейса OpenSea выросла до 13,3 млрд долларов

  • OpenSea NFT Marketplace received 296 million dollars from Paradigm and Coatue
  • This money will go to the implementation of startups in the field of Web 3.0 and NFT, as well as the development of the site
  • As a result, the market value of the company reached 13, $ 3 billion

Tuesday 4th January NFT -Marketplace OpenSea has successfully closed the Series C funding round for the amount of 394 million dollars. As a result, the value of the company is estimated at 15, $ 3 billion.

Recall that in July last year the company received $ 22 million Then its market value was estimated at $ 1.5 billion

At the end 2022 the marketplace entered a completely different level. In August, the trading volume on the site was $ 2 billion, in December – $ 2.4 billion.

All this is a consequence of the boom in the NFT market. Tokens have not only become more popular, this segment has grown with prospects, in which the largest companies are interested.

And now the marketplace is holding another major round with the support of Paradigm and Coatue. OpenSea is the largest platform in its field.

OpenSea noted that the money will go towards funding startups, hiring highly qualified employees, and measures to ensure customer safety.

“Devin and Alex (co-founders of OpenSea) have shown true persistence over the past four years. They have overcome the uncertainty and continue to pursue their NFT course, believing that tokens can change the Internet, ”said Fred Ehrsam, Managing Partner of Paradigm.

According to The Block, OpenSea calculated for a much larger amount, and if the deal had burned out, the cost of the marketplace would have been 20 billion dollars. However, investors did not go for it.

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