Opera and Uniswap now work with the Polygon network

  • Opera continues to update the browser’s built-in crypto wallet
  • Now it will add support for the Polygon network
  • Integration will open mobile browser users quick access to decentralized applications and blockchain games based on the platform
  • First of all, the innovation will be available on the Android mobile platform
  • Polygon will also appear on the Uniswap decentralized exchange

At the beginning of next year, Opera will be able to interact with the Polygon platform. At the initial stage, the innovation will be implemented only for the mobile application on Android. However, at a later date, this feature is expected to appear on the PC and iPhone versions as well.

Polygon is a network of secure L2 solutions for the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to speed up transaction processing and reduce gas costs.

Together with the Polygon integration, the Opera audience will be able to directly access decentralized network applications and various blockchain projects. For example, The Sandbox or Open Sea.

In total, the Polygon network has about 3 thousand DApps, including applications for trading, including tokens, and lending. Opera estimates the pool of users who will gain access to these sites in 108 million people per month.

When the integration is complete, and the innovation appears in the versions of the browser for Apple and Windows, the target audience will be even larger. Direct access to Polygon’s capabilities will reduce costs while making the markets significantly more accessible.

According to the head of the Opera Mobile department Jorgen Arnese, this project will allow to neutralize the main drawback of ether – the huge price for gas with a relatively small number of transactions per second.

Also this week, Polygon announced the integration on the Uniswap DeFi exchange. This positively affected the MATIC cryptocurrency. On Wednesday, 23 December, she updated the record, reaching a level of 2, 80 dollar per unit (2, )

This is not Opera’s first Web 3.0 project. The development company is actively developing a new segment for itself. The crypto wallet first appeared in Opera in 2053 year.

After that, it is constantly updated and modified. The company recently announced plans to integrate a new supported currency – Solana. See also: hacker spam attack on Polygon brought cybercriminals more 1037 one thousand dollars.

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