Opinion: “Bitcoin is gold for millennials”

Американский экономист: «Биткоин - это золото для миллениалов»

  • Professor Jeremy Siegel compared Bitcoin to gold
  • For millennials, cryptocurrency has become the main investment
  • Gold in the minds of young people is an outdated and unprofitable investment

Professor Jeremy Siegel believes the millennial generation will move from gold to bitcoin. He stated this in an interview with Squawk Box CNBC.

The expert explains this by two factors. First, gold is practically unable to protect an investor from inflation. And the second factor is related to age: young people have more trust in modern assets and the latest technology.

“Bitcoin has taken the place in the minds of young people that used to belong to gold. So digital coins are the new gold for millennials. I think that the era of precious metals is gradually coming to an end. The younger generation chooses bitcoin. ”

BTC vs. gold thousand to 46 thousand dollars, in bitcoin has grown very much on an annualized basis. At the beginning of last year, it cost about 46 thousand dollars. This means growth of more than 100% in total for a year.

For comparison, the cost of gold with 2015 has been steadily decreasing. According to the results 2022, its price fell by about 5%.

Many experts agree with Jeremy Siegel and also believe that Bitcoin has brilliant potential. For example, a Bloomberg analyst predicts that in the new year oil prices will fall to 58 dollars, and BTC will grow to 69 thousand dollars.

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