Opinion: Cryptocurrency – Taliban Can't Understand


  • Charitable funds are asking to help the people of Afghanistan with cryptocurrency
  • Taliban militants are financially illiterate, which minimizes the risk of inappropriate waste of funds
  • Founder of LEARN Afghanistan has demanded that international sanctions be suspended
  • She believes that they harm not the militants, but the civilian population of the country

Pashtana Durrani, founder of the non-profit organization LEARN Afghanistan, believes that the Taliban (a banned terrorist organization) is financially illiterate. According to the girl, the militants are unlikely to ever enter the crypto industry.

“Most of the Taliban are people who lived and fought in remote rural and mountainous areas. They do not have proper education, financial literacy ”, – says Durrani.

The founder of the foundation expressed her position on this issue during an interview for the American podcast Pod Save the World.

Durrani condemns the sanctions against Afghanistan from the international community. In her opinion, they primarily harm civilians. The girl insists on unfreezing foreign assets run by non-profit charitable organizations.

“Send aid to Afghanistan in cryptocurrency. The militants will not even understand what it is ”, – notes Pashtana. – “The Taliban do not use banks. They have no accounts. They don’t even know how to fill out the form. ”

After terrorist militants took over power in Afghanistan in August, the country’s civilian population faced a humanitarian crisis.

Lack of food, interruptions in electricity and water supply, inability to withdraw funds from bank accounts – all these problems continue for months.

After the next package of international sanctions, many charities asked for donations in cryptocurrency to be transferred to them. Thus, the risk of inappropriate waste of funds is minimal.

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