Over 100 leaders pledge to end deforestation at COP26

“The biggest step forward in protecting forests around the world. As part of the COP26, around a hundred leaders are announcing their joint commitment to the fight against deforestation this Monday evening. More than 100 people set a goal of halting and reversing deforestation and land degradation by 2030, according to a statement.

The countries concerned, including the notable presence of Canada, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, represent more than 85% of the world’s forests, or more than 33 million square kilometers. A conference chaired by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will take place on Tuesday 2 November around this pledge, which will culminate in the signing of the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forestry and Land Use.

According to the press release, this commitment will be supported by an envelope of more than 10 billion euros of public funds mobilized by 12 countries, including France, between 2021 and 2025. These funds will be intended to support activities in developing countries to restoring damaged lands, fighting forest fires and promoting the rights of indigenous communities. To this should be added 6.2 billion euros of private investment, the CEOs of about thirty financial institutions joining the commitment of heads of state and government with the promise to eliminate investments in activities related to deforestation.

“The leaders here at COP26 have signed a landmark agreement to protect and restore the planet’s forests,” Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday. “With this unprecedented pact, we will have a chance to end the long history that has made man the conqueror of nature, and to ensure that he becomes its guardian. “

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