PlatoFarm: AMA session

AMA with a new game project – PlatoFarm. This is an already working (in beta) p2e NFT game in the genre of farming, in which there will be two in-game tokens MARK and PLATO.

Detailed information about the project can be found on the medium, the program can read the conditions by the link.

The project has already announced the first IDO on the Tokensoft lunchpad which will take place 14 January.

The winners of our AMA Best Questions Contest will be announced at the end of the article.

AMA session with PlatoFarm

PlatoFarm: My name is Dan Magic, CMO of blockchain game PlatoFarm.

Incrypted: Let’s start the PlatoFarm presentation. Tell us about the gameplay and features of the game.

PlatoFarm: Plato Farm is an NFT game that supports HRC protocols – 630 and ERC – 1080. Players are tasked with growing plants and raising livestock on a small farm to earn MARK and PLATO tokens, which can then be used to interact with NFT items. The main goal is to transform your barren land into a vibrant city. Players can also create their own guilds and earn money while playing.

Incrypted: What are the types of NFT are there in PlatoFarm: avatars, lands, tools, animals? Will there be your own market?

PlatoFarm: All NFTs in PlatoFarm are props that can be used in the game, including but not limited to lands , tools, animals, seeds, plants, etc. Definitely, all NFTs can be traded on our marketplace.

Incrypted: How to participate in the game ?


    Download the game from the official website or App Store

  • Create HECO address
  • Create an account in the game
  • Buy some initial NFTs (lands, seeds)
  • After that you can play the game

Incrypted: What are the functions of the PLATO and MARK platform tokens?


PLATO – the token of the gaming platform, it is in circulation 100 millions. It can be used to trade rare NFT props and basic production materials (land, factories, farms, etc.), or to upgrade to unlock more items. Players can get PLATO by trading the market or by stealing MARK token. The more PLATO you have, the higher your status in the game and the more opportunities. 66% of the team’s income will be burned to maintain the PLATO price.

MARK is the gaming platform token and medium of circulation. Players can obtain MARK by completing tasks or work (planting, breeding, processing, etc.). The daily income is adjusted according to the function F (x), which is also related to the GDP of the game, and the daily upper limit does not exceed 10 millions. It can be used to buy some common items and equipment in the game.

Incrypted: You can tell about project development plan?

PlatoFarm: Below is a roadmap, you can also check it on our Medium.

  • Project start: March. 2022
  • Preparation and development of the project: Sept. 2022

    Trial Release: 25 October 2021 G.

    Release of the beta version of the game guild: 14 December 2021 G.

    Release of the Gamma version of the game: February – March 2022

  • Release of the official version V1.0: May 2023
  • Adam Smith City Builder Edition: June 2022 of the year
  • Release of the official version of V2.0 with the inclusion of social functions: November 2022 G.
  • Release of SaaS economic system Metaverse: Mar. 2023

Incrypted: Currently the game supports HECO and ERC networks, which networks are you planning to add?

PlatoFarm: It depends on the development of our technology, first we want to run it on HECO and ERC, when everything is fine, we will consider adding others networks. It’s too early to talk about it now.

Incrypted: I read that with PlatoFarm we can create my guilds, but can I offer scholarships and NFT credits so that other users can play for me so that I can get more profit?

PlatoFarm: It’s a good idea, in fact we will develop a new feature in the future. Token holders can hire other players to play for it, so token holders can profit without playing the game, and hired players can play the game without investment.

Incrypted: Could you share something interesting from the upcoming events? Tell us more about IDO?

PlatoFarm: We have confirmed that the IDO will take place 15 January on Tokensoft. As KYC is mandatory for every participant and takes time to verify, please complete it before the IDO starts.

Incrypted: Almost all Play to Earn games I’ve played experience token depreciation. How will you solve this problem so that I, as an investor, can count on the growth of your project in the long term?

PlatoFarm: Good question. To avoid the problems you mentioned, we will focus on improving the game’s features so that our token and NFT are popular in the community. In addition, we continue to promote our brand around the world in order to attract more players to the game.

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