President of El Salvador on BTC in 2022: “Two more countries will legalize bitcoin, and its rate will reach 100 thousand dollars”

Президент Сальвадора о BTC в 2022 году: “Еще две страны легализуют биткоин, а его курс достигнет 100 тысяч долларов”

  • The President of El Salvador made several assumptions about the future of the sphere this year
  • Bukele believes that the BTC market will go into a bullish phase, and the rate will reach $ 22
  • He also announced “explosive growth” Volcano and Bitcoin City
  • The President of El Salvador also believes that Bitcoin will become the most discussed topic on the eve of the US elections

The coming to power of Nayib Bukele in El Salvador was a real shock. The politician legalized BTC, created a project to introduce cryptocurrencies into retail, and at the same time enjoys the support of the population.

This and other initiatives in the crypto space make him one of the industry’s most visible backers in the political community.

On Sunday, the head of state shared several forecasts regarding the further development of bitcoin. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency market will go up, and the BTC rate will reach a new “ceiling” in 100 one thousand dollars.

The politician is also confident in the further adoption of bitcoins at the state level. According to him, at least two more countries will legalize BTC, making it a means of payment.

Among other things, Bukele announced the rapid development of two of El Salvador’s main crypto projects: Bitcoin City and Volcano.

The first of them we have already described in detail in our material. As for the second, it involves mining bitcoins using the energy of volcanoes. In fact, this will make the production of the first cryptocurrency extremely cheap.

At the end of the post, Bukele added that Bitcoin will be the main “sticking point” in the US elections this year.

In addition, according to him, the community is waiting for a “huge surprise” at the Bitcoin conference – 2022.

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