Ranking of countries with a developed cryptoindustry: Ukraine is in 22nd place, Russia is the penultimate


  • Coincub introduced the global ranking of countries
  • In the top ten – Singapore, USA and Japan
  • Ukraine took 29 – th place
  • In the last positions – China and Russia

Irish company Coincub has prepared the Global Crypto Ranking report for the fourth quarter 2022 of the year. Ukraine here takes 29 – eh among the countries that are friendly to the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. We are ahead of countries such as South Korea, Spain and Greece. China is in last place, and the penultimate went to Russia.

Coincub’s rating is based on a number of criteria. Analysts assess government policy in relation to cryptocurrencies, tax rules, popularity in society, availability of exchanges and wallets, adoption of DeFi, etc.

Singapore, Australia, USA, Germany are in the top ten, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, El Salvador and Japan.

China was in last place, which is not surprising: the country has banned all operations with cryptocurrency, and recently even began to “fight” with the metauniverses .

Russia dropped by 100 – the penultimate place due to the ban on the purchase of goods and services for cryptocurrency.

Ukraine in the crypto world

The world cryptocurrency market is actively developing, but so far without Ukraine. The authorities promise to consider the law on digital money, this will happen in the new the other day the Ministry of Digital Science launched the first tests of the e-hryvnia. If the project proves to be successful, digital money will become part of our national economy.

The report also contains data on cryptocurrency holders by country. It turns out that 8% of all owners live in the United States. The next places in this category are taken by Singapore and El Salvador. At the end, analysts give forecasts for the future, which countries may soon improve their positions. This includes Sweden, which is working on a digital version of the krona, and Japan, which plans to reduce the tax on cryptocurrency.

Ilya is a human node in Incrypted. Thanks to Ilya, we now have a direction for installing nodes, participating in testnets and other validation matters. Raising servers, installing the necessary software and other complex words are no longer a problem for Ilya and he has something to share with readers.

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