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This is a text version of our AMA chatting with Realis Network is a platform for developing and launching mobile P2E games with in-game economy based on Substrate (Polkadot).

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AMA -session with Realis Network

Incrypted: Welcome to the Incrypted community! So what is Realis? What pains does it solve?

Realis Network: In Realis we create mobile games with a valuable gaming economy. Thanks to the blockchain, our games provide the player with additional value. The token replaces the traditional in-game currency. NFTs replace traditional in-game items in inventory.

For pain. Our main competitors are traditional games.

We provide more value through the blockchain token. Also added value for in-game items using the NFT protocol.

Blockchain gives openness and transparency to the economy. For example, in traditional games, developers can print any amount of game currency / items simply by changing the number in the database. We can’t do that.

A similar story was with the dollar and the appearance of Bitcoin.

Incrypted: Can you briefly describe the first 3 games on your platform for those who first hear about Realis products?

Realis Network: Merge cats, Crypto Dragons – Casual, economic idlers.

You need to collect a certain number of cats / dragons to complete the level.

Legends of Listeria – Realtime 3×3 MOBA. Objective to collect 22 crystals and hold out 20 seconds for the team to win.

In all games it is possible to get a small amount of $ LIS token for free for victories, completing daily quests or making an in-game purchase.

In crypted: Are all the games on your platform related? Could they be considered a metaverse?

Realis Network: The games are linked by the Realis blockchain and the $ LIS token. In fact, this is one of the important conditions for the metaverse.

We will develop the universe of the world of Listeria and further link the heroes between different games. Having a hero’s NFT in one game, an additional bonus will be given in others.

In general, we are now focusing more on play 2 earn mechanics. If there is a technology that we can implement in our country so that all our games are in the 3D metaverse, we will do it. In short, we are not making a metaverse. At the same time, we basically have everything ready for implementation.

Now more in the position of observers. If this is not just a hype, then we will think in this direction

Incrypted: But, for example, if I want to offer you my P2E game, then what do I need to do for placement, do I have to go through any verification, or make contributions to the company?

Realis Network: We are now focusing more on creating our own success cases. Valve initially also created a number of their successful games before becoming a marketplace.

Another question is that game developers will need their own game currency, otherwise it will not be economically interesting to anyone. Conventionally, why would someone use someone else’s currency by selling it in their product if they can make their own?

There will definitely be success in the market for a company that can negotiate with AAA studios to implement blockchain in their games. Only now they will most likely refuse, and in such an economy, it is required to share profits with the players, since the players receive a valuable asset, not candy wrappers. Plus potential problems with regulation.

For now we want to show success cases, then we will think about a marketplace for other developers

Incrypted : What are your advantages over other blockchain games?

Realis Network:

  • Low entry threshold. Players do not need to buy land or hero, etc. in order to start playing.
  • Step by step learning into the world of blockchain. Many players play our games and do not even realize that they are already using blockchain technologies.
    • Game mechanics. Most often we see poor gameplay in crypto games.

    Our goal is to make the player want to return to the game. For this, gameplay is of a higher priority than blockchain.

    Incrypted: Now we want to know more about the LIS token. What are the main use cases?

    Realis Network:

    From the blockchain side :

    • Governance

      • Staking
    • Transaction fees
    • Here relatively standard

    From the side of the game :

    In fact, the economies of many games are very cool and complex, it is thanks to the scarce economy that traditional free-play games make money. Here, too, you don’t need to invent too much. We just take the best. The only thing that is not particularly typical is the marketplace. Rare in traditional games. For nft – must have.

    • Loot boxes
      Trading on the marketplace
      • Hero update

        Mint NFT heroes

      • NFT Landing Page 450
        • Boosters

        Incrypted: As far as I know, you will have an integrated DAO system to guide the development of games and the ecosystem as a whole. Will more tokens in staking give more votes?

        Realis Network: Yes, we used to regularly and successfully conducted polls in the announcement of the Telegram channel. Now we are chatting a telegram. It is important for us to consider the opinion of the players.

        There is a small problem with the games. The player never knows what he wants. At the same time, players know what they don’t like and what is worth fixing. Or which option they like best. All this can also be seen in the numbers of good analytics.

        Yes, staked tokens can be used for voting. We do not yet see any reason not to take these tokens into account in the voting. If there are arguments against such a decision, we will think. Until we see a problem

        Incrypted: Will the victory in the battle with other opponents depend on the accumulated tokens and the hero’s leveling, or will they needed for visual style only?

        Realis Network: This is a very serious question for us. Both options are used. On the example of traditional MLBB games, for example, the use of donation does not give you extra advantages (advantage in strength up to 20 – 100%), at the pro level it is noticeable. for most players, personal skill will decide.

        We are moving in the next direction. You need to play dost exactly long enough to generate the same power or quickly, but for the game currency. In this case, there will be a limited advantage in order to maintain the balance.

        In my understanding, adding even 1% strength to the strength significantly increases the utility function of the NFT and LIS token. So it’s worth doing, you just need to understand this boundary.

        Incrypted: Are you planning an IDO?

        Realis Network: We are now we communicate with different exchanges according to the terms. I can’t say the details yet, otherwise the NDA won’t list us anywhere. We do not need additional funding now, and we have a positive cash flow from current products. That’s why IDO is not particularly interesting.

        I ncrypted: Great. Judging by the questions, not everyone understands how to withdraw money from the game. Could you tell me how to get and withdraw money from your game?

        Realis Network: Earlier it was possible to withdraw SOUL tokens and we made more 200 20 conclusions for all time. With the transition to our own blockchain and swap soul on foxes, we disabled this feature. This makes little sense now, since there are no available exchanges on which we are trading at the moment

        We will give the opportunity to withdraw immediately as soon as the listing on the exchange is announced.

        Incrypted: Is the listing scheduled for the near future? Or is it not public information yet?

        Realis Network: Looking forward to next year’s Q1. There is no exact information. We are doing our best to speed up the process. Not everything depends on us, although a lot

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