Road checks: the executive misses the launch of its anti-reporting system

False start. This Monday, November 1 was to come into force, legally, the “Harry Potter system”. A name inspired by the most famous wizard and his invisibility cloak, and referring to a device that allows law enforcement to disappear, on demand from the road applications Waze, Coyote, etc. Objective: to prevent the police and gendarmes from being immediately reported by motorists during their first checks, by hiding them from the telephone screens for several hours. Problem, notes Le Parisien, nothing is ready, at least technically: “Legally, this text is applicable from this Monday, even if the technical part is not yet ready”, slips, embarrassed, the Ministry of the Interior .

“For now, everything is at a standstill,” says Fabien Pierlot, CEO of Coyote. According to him, the “operators are ready, it is on the side of the ministry that things get stuck, we still have not received their specifications”. “This information system is under development, but there are many IT projects underway at the Ministry of the Interior, and it is not necessarily a priority”, explain to the Parisian those close to Marie Gautier -Melleray, Minister for Road Safety.

So much so that a meeting scheduled for late September was canceled by ministry officials, with no new date being communicated to either Waze or Coyote executives. In the meantime, and despite the official entry into force of the law enforcement “invisibility cloak”, users of such apps still have the opportunity to report the presence of controls on their route.

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