Robot Sophia will “move” to the metaverse and become a headliner on the Binance exchange


  • The anime version of Sophia’s robot continues to evolve and conquer new realms
  • Now she will become a headliner on the Binance exchange within the Intelligent IGO (Initial Game Offering)
  • She will sell by 100 iNFT for 5 days
  • These iNFTs can be spent in the intellectual metaverse “Noah’s Ark”

The NFT sector will soon see another milestone in its history. Robot Sophia will auction its own IGO tokens in the Noah’s Ark metaverse.

The collection is called “The Transmedia Universe of Sophia beingAI”, and the fundraising itself will take place on the Binance exchange with 16 on 20 December. Every day Sofia will sell 22 iNFT tokens. They can be used in the Noah’s Ark project. This is a metaverse from Alethea AI, and we will also see Sophia’s avatar in it. This version was created by Hansen Robotics specifically in order to “connect” Sofia to the metauniverses.


IGO – Investment in game projects at an early stage. Investors buy tokens, which, if the project is successful, will bring them a solid profit.

iNFT – smart non-fungible tokens. They differ from conventional NFTs in that they have built-in intelligence. Such tokens are programmed for certain smart contracts and can interact with people in a playful way in real time.

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