Second Life Creator Returns to Development Team to Steer Project into the Metaverse Era

Создатель Second Life вернулся в команду разработчиков, чтобы направить проект в эпоху метавселенных

  • Philip Rossdale returns to Linden Labs top management
  • He will take the position of strategic advisor
  • Its mission is to guide the Second Life social game project into the era of the metaverse

Creator of the social game Second Life Philip Rosdale returns to the project. He will take on the position of strategic advisor. Rosdale’s mission is to move the project forward as the metaverse market is popularized.

Second Life has opened its doors to users in 2003 year. The developer of the project is Linden Labs, which at that time was headed by Rosdale himself. In 2008 he left the organization.

In company for the development and production of VR High Fidelity technologies. He is now returning to Second Life as a strategic advisor to adjust the company’s direction for the metaverse.

The Linden Labs blog also states that High Fidelity intends to invest in further development of the game. Moreover, we are talking about both money and patents for certain technological know-how.

Rosdale himself commented on the metaverse market as follows:

“I do not believe that large corporations will create a single digital utopia for everyone. They are ad-driven, behavior-modifying, and imposing their product. ”

Among those innovations that may appear when Rosdale, the change in the facial animation of the avatar is of particular importance. It is assumed that the game will use the webcam image for this. This will make facial expressions much smoother and more natural. Over the past year, the metaverse market has grown significantly. Many large organizations are interested in the segment. A prime example of this is the situation in China, where, despite the ban, more than a thousand companies applied for trademark registration in this area.

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