Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright to pay 100 million in fines to self-proclaimed heirs


  • The hottest controversy in the world is coming to an end
  • Craig Wright must pay 116 million dollars to Kleiman’s heirs
  • The case concerns a dispute about the first bitcoins that Wright and his late friend Clayman

Craig Wright, unrecognized creator of bitcoin, will pay 100 million dollars to the Kleiman family. This decision was made by a court in Miami.

Australian businessman Craig Wright told the world a couple of years ago that he was the one who mined the world’s first bitcoins. In this he was allegedly assisted by the late computer scientist Dave Kleiman. According to Wright, they drafted the whitepaper together and came up with the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. In terms to court and demanded that the assets from the early Bitcoin addresses be returned to him. The businessman named the amount of 1.1 billion BTC. The family of the deceased programmer did not yawn either. In 2013 they demanded from the self-proclaimed Satoshi half of the bitcoins he claimed. Their main argument is based on the fact that Wright violated the terms of the business partnership.

The real owners of the early bitcoin addresses intervened, they drew up a general lawsuit and accused Wright of fraud. Meanwhile, disputes between Wright and the Clayman family continued. Wright’s defense relied on the fact that Kleiman was a friend, not a business partner, and therefore not entitled to Satoshi Nakamoto’s share. The Miami court found these arguments correct. As a result, Wright, instead of 100 will pay the Claimans compensation in the amount of million legal battles. He leads the courts with the first bitcoin miners, as well as with and other brands. However, experts believe that Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto and is not entitled to the billions he claims.

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