Shopify will sell NFTs


  • The NFT trend continues to conquer world and change business format
  • Now another major player has joined him – the Shopify brand
  • The platform will offer a whole range of services for the sale and maintenance of NFT assets

The Shopify platform needs no introduction: it is the most popular and advanced service for building online stores. Its services are used by over 1.7 million companies worldwide. Now sellers will be able to create and sell NFTs here, as well as carry out various promotions using them (for example, airdrops).

For cooperation, Shopify connects Ethereum, Polygon, Near and Flow blockchains, and payment can be accepted through Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, cryptocurrency gateways or bank cards.

The company encourages brands to use NFT to access restricted content, music albums, event tickets, unique merchandise, and more. On the promo page, Shopify shows the top reasons why NFT trading is cool:

  • sales volume , $ 7 billion – and this is only for the third quarter;
  • market gain by 700% from 2 to 3 quarters;
  • average purchase price – higher 116 dollars;
  • in the USA more than 4 million customers have already bought or previously sold NFTs.

So far, US companies or NFT creators may participate in beta tests. To do this, you need to be a member of the Shopify + program and submit an application. It is still unknown when the new function will become available to everyone.

Today there was some more news from the world of NFT: such projects were launched by Melania Trump and the Adidas brand.

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