Siberian pensioners overdid their bitcoin mining: oblenergo promises round-ups


  • Underground miners have become real trouble for Irkurstka
  • They use private networks to save on tariffs
  • Even pensioners have mastered this business

After China banned cryptocurrency, Russia became the second country in the world for the extraction of bitcoins. The cold climate creates ideal conditions for data centers: they can work for a long time and efficiently without complex cooling systems. But apart from corporations, households are also actively developing mining here.

According to The Telegraph report, more bitcoins are mined in Irkutsk 14 400 households. Last year this figure was almost half that (about 8 10). Irkutsk is profitable not only in terms of cold weather; it also has the lowest energy prices in the country.

116 – a summer female miner from Irkutsk told The Telegraph:

“To be honest, I still don’t quite understand how it all works. But as a pensioner, I am warmed by the thought that money comes to my account every month. ”

A woman can be understood: she receives from the state 200 pension dollars, and I have already earned several thousand dollars on bitcoin mining.

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Prices for light in Irkutsk

There are two tariffs in Irkutsk: for businesses and the population. Industrial lighting costs 4 times more. To save money, people open data centers in residential areas, and this has become a big problem for Irkutskenergo. Power lines are overloaded.

The energy company has already filed dozens of lawsuits against Bitcoin mining suspects. They collect data on light consumption – if it turns out that the household spends a lot of light, they will be transferred to corporate tariffs.

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