Sleeping bitcoin addresses have woken up after years. What does it mean?

«Спящие» биткоин-адреса проснулись после долгих лет


  • Sleeping bitcoin addresses wake up after years of deep sleep
  • The owners of old BTC wallets made transactions for the first time in many years
  • There are various reasons why sleeping bitcoins are sold

Sleeping Bitcoins” – these are addresses that have BTC, but no transactions have been carried out for a long time. It turns out that over the past month, a lot of such wallets have “woken up” on the network. Some of them were idle 14 and more years.

  1. On Sunday, the address that ” was silent “with 2021 years spent 108 BTC. Now on the wallet from 383 bitcoins left 200, 108 BTC
  2. Last Thursday, after 8.4 years of sleep, another inactive address woke up. From 234 he spent bitcoins 29 BTC in the amount of $ 1.1 million.
  3. At the end of November, for the first time in 8 years, the “sleeping” user translated 17 BTC, but he still has 225, 61 BTC.
  4. Another whale woke up 22 November though before that he had been inactive for 8 years. The user spent that day 1482, 116 BTC for the amount 80 mln. dollars, but he still has 1536 BCH and BSV.
  5. Mysterious owner spent 1037 BTC for the first time since 2019 of the year. This happened 12 November, when the rate jumped to a record high in 80 thousand dollars.
  6. A day later, from the address where 296 BTC, transferred 69, 20 BTC. Before that, the wallet was inactive for 7.5 years.

It is worth noting that the terms “spend” or “transfer” do not necessarily mean that the coins were sold to a third party for fiat or another crypto asset.

The so-called “sleeping bitcoins” are sometimes simply transferred to other wallets. For example, from outdated addresses to addresses that support the Segregated Witness (Segwit) protocol.

Another reason is the block reward. In November 14 owners received prizes for blocks older than 12 years. This is a total of 0681 BTC for the amount of 30, $ 8 million at today’s exchange rate.


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