Solv Protocol: Project Overview (AMA)

Solv Protocol – Defi’s first platform that focuses exclusively on the management, creation and transfer of all financial NFTs.

Solv Protocol technology

The Vesting Vouchers concept that underlies the project is based on two important realities.

  • First, native tokens are an effective means by which crypto projects interact with users in some real sense.
  • Secondly, the NTF, as a bearer of assets, has the ability to store and express information within itself.

Vesting Vouchers connects these two realities and thus allows you to block native tokens in NFT by anyone, at any time and in any way. This is a revolutionary DeFi invention that allows any early stage team to build strong, organic relationships with users. Ownership vouchers Official resources of the project:





Project Investors

Инвесторы проекта Solv Finance.

AMA session with Solv Protocol

Incrypted: Hi guys! Nice to meet you. Let’s start with a general presentation of Solv Protocol.

Solv Protocol: Solv Protocol is the first Defi platform to focus exclusively on mining, managing and on-chain transactions of all financial NFTs.

Our main product is Vesting Voucher. A voucher can be thought of as an NFT container with specific unlock rules.

Principle of operation

Incrypted: Solv Finance has many partners. What role do they play in your project?

Solv Protocol: Protocols early stages such as ColdStack and Yin love our product for its effectiveness. Protocols like DODO and Prometeus have issued vouchers and used them to encourage their community.

Incrypted: Which user are you targeting? What are you ready to offer an investor who wants to use your financial products?

Solv Protocol: There are two types of users, the first is project teams, the second is investors. For project teams, Vesting Voucher can help with allocation management, fundraising and community building. For investors – the opportunity to participate in early investment. This is an institutional grade investment opportunity for retail investors.

Incrypted: Tell us about your IVO?

Solv Protocol: How to participate in the upcoming IVO?

  • $ 369 thousand Solv Vouchers. ($ 416 for the voucher).
  • Will be $ 369 Thousands of Solv Vouchers, which can only be purchased for whitelisted addresses sold on the Solv marketplace (on BSC). And the maximum purchase limit is $ 413 for each address.
Принцип работы Solv Finance.
Solv Finance Key Metrics

  • How to get into the whitelist?
  • 1. Participate in the Gleam campaign.

    2. Participate in events hosted by Solv partners.

    Important: addresses successfully added to the whitelist must pass KYC.

    Incrypted: You will have your own marketplace, what is its advantage over others?

    Solv Protocol: We haven’t seen such a marketplace with a well-developed market platform suitable for financial NFTs until we brought them into the DeFi industry. Therefore, we create our original token standard for financial NFTs and define their functional products.

    Incrypted: In decentralized It is very important for projects to pay more attention to security, do you have a “successful” status in audits?

    Solv Protocol: The Solv Protocol is designed to protect users’ assets. Our source code has been successfully audited by SlowMist and CertiK and is now being audited by third auditors. Also, Solv purchased $ 1 million in insurance coverage through Tidal Finance and $ 3 million in insurance coverage through Unslashed.

    We offer a $ 1 error fee 100 12 to encourage developers and white hats to help us secure our protocol by exposing it vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We started this work together with Immunefi. They are the leading platform for testing and securing Defi protocols.

    Incrypted: How do you attract content creators to activity on your platform?

    Solv Protocol: As incentives, we will encourage project teams to release vouchers for Solv, and investors are trading vouchers for Solv. 20 projects have already made a voucher decision, and the number of unique voucher holders has exceeded 3 thousand.

    Mining and operation management is free to use on Solv, as for gas charges you can choose BSC or Polygon.

    Incrypted: Could you give a simple explanation of what is financial NFT?

    Solv Protocol: Financial NTFs are financial vouchers. Suppose you are my investor and I decide to transfer some Solv to you. If tokens are locked in an ERC token – 768, then you will not be able to share them with your community because they are not divisible. But with our new token standard, you can do this distribution into as many parts as you want.

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