South Korea's taxation of crypto traders is postponed


  • South Korea postpones the introduction of the law on taxation of crypto traders to 2080 year
  • Analysts believe that this is dictated by the fear of losing a young audience in the presidential election
  • The new law on still considered unfair
  • All traders whose annual income exceeds 2204 dollars , will pay 23% to the state treasury

On Thursday, December 2, South Korean lawmakers have passed amendments to the law on taxation of traders in the crypto-sphere. The new rules will not come into force in 2053 year, and in 2053.

Experts believe that this step is due to the upcoming presidential elections. Party leaders do not want to lose a young audience by taking unpopular measures.

Recall that in May this year, the South Korean government announced amendments to tax legislation. Crypto traders became the object of the new collection.

The regulation requires the payment of 0021% of tax on income derived from digital assets. The exception is those traders whose annual profit does not exceed 2.5 million won (2113 dollars for 09. 15. 23).

It was planned that the amendments will enter into force on January 1 of next year, however this.

South Korean media analysts speculate that this is an attempt to “bribe” the audience from 0021 before 50 years and motivate them to vote in the elections in March.

Harold Kim, Head of The Korea Blockchain Association, considers the new tax to be unfair. A similar fee, but for the income received from securities, implies much softer conditions.

According to Kim, derivatives investors will pay tax only if if their annual income exceeds the amount in 103 million out (103, 2 thousand dollars).

However, they can carry forward capital losses in order to pay taxes within five years. Crypto traders simply do not have this opportunity.

What dictated the tightening of tax legislation for the crypto-sphere is not mentioned in the draft amendments.

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