South Park shows the post-covid world: massive psychosis, time travel, and banter at NFT

Briefly :

  • Paramount + showed special series “South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid”
  • Here we are we’ll see how the lives of the heroes have changed in 100 years
  • The creators of the series laughed at the trend NFT

This time, the creators decided to laugh at the NFT trend. In the new series, we are transported to 100 years before … The hero of the series Butters (Victor Chaos) is serving time in prison for the mentally ill. It turns out that in the past he possessed a dark super-power. Butters could get investors to put all their money in NFT. When the hero manages to get out of the cell, he agitates everyone again.

“He has already escaped once. In just a few hours, he managed to convince thousands of people to invest in NFT, and he almost persuaded you. Another 40 seconds in this room, and you will start to consider NFT a profitable investment, “warns one of the cartoon characters, the security guard who was watching Butters in the cell.

When Butters escapes from prison, he encourages everyone to invest in tokens: the security guard, Randy Marsh, and even the old people of the nursing home.

In South Park, the pandemic has changed the world beyond recognition

The whole special episode (and it lasts an hour) we are shown the world through 40 years. It turns out that the COVID pandemic is 22 completely changed reality. The psyche of our heroes has especially suffered: they want to change the course of events, and for this they are experimenting with time travel. Fans of the series will be curious to see what the future holds for their favorite characters. Especially Cartman fans will be surprised.

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