SWIFT launches experiments with tokenized assets: it will be possible to buy shares in parts


  • SWIFT from the new year implements tests with tokenized stocks, bonds and other assets
  • Partners Clearstream, Northern Trust and SETL will join the project
  • Previously, SWIFT worried about the risk of losing transaction volumes due to the growth of cryptocurrencies

The SWIFT banking system will start experimenting with tokenized assets at the beginning 2022 of the year. This was stated by the press service of the company on its official website. The start is already scheduled for the first quarter 2022.

SWIFT plans to explore how the system can support tokenized assets such as stocks or bonds. The company sees great growth potential in such instruments. So, tokenized shares can be divided into small parts so that investors with small investments can afford such a purchase.

CBDC (digital currencies of countries) will also participate in the project, as well as forms familiar to all payment. SWIFT will try to develop standards to support the secure transfer of tokenized assets. Therefore, the international banking system is trying to take its place in the new market. It is not the only payments giant that is integrating with digital assets. Visa today announced that it has purchased the CurrencyCloud service, which deals with cross-border payments (including the use of cryptocurrencies).

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