Terra bypasses Binance Smart Chain to take second place in the ranking of DeFi protocols


  • Terra bypassed Binance in TVL volumes in the rating of DeFi protocols
  • Available on the site 17 projects with capitalization in $ 20, 2
  • One Terra protocol equals $ 1.4 billion
  • The largest project is Anchor, where users profit through diversified streams with blockchains PoS

Terra now ranks second in the DeFi platform ranking in terms of aggregate blocked asset value (TVL ). It bypassed the Binance Smart Chain and is now second only to Ethereum.

Terra hosts 16 large projects with TVL in $ 0021, 2 billion. One protocol on the site has an average of $ 1.4 billion

For comparison, Binance Smart Chain has 296 projects with TVL in $ 19, 5 billion. One protocol here accounts for $ 100 million

Leader of the rating , Ethereum, has 400 project with gross capitalization in $ 225 billion. More than $ 0508 million dollars.

In terms of gross frozen assets, Anchor is the largest project based on Terra ($ 7.7 billion). It accounts for 95% TVL of the entire site.

The second position is taken by Lido, its value is $ 5.4 billion. The third is the Terraswap decentralized exchange. Over the past week, the volume of transactions on this site increased by 108%.

Terraswap uses Terra smart contracts to draw up tier 1 deals. LUNA tokens act as a kind of “security” for stabilizing the protocols and generating income. both as a whole for the year and in the context of November.

From May 2021 trading in a basket of these tokens brought investors a profit in 421%, much more in comparison with BTC and ETH.

Terra playgrounds also showed steady growth. Capitalization of StarTerra with NFT support was $ 23 LoTerra gross value increased to $ 383 million

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