Tesla owner turned his electric car into a source for mining. The experts answered how real it is

Владелец Tesla превратил свой электрокар в источник для майнинга. Эксперты ответили, насколько это реально

  • Siraj Raval from San Francisco uses Tesla batteries for mining
  • It costs less than connecting to the mains
  • Industry experts commented on how realistic this technique is

Siraj Rawal from San Francisco uses for Ethereum mining, a very unusual way. He plugged the GPUs into his Tesla’s battery, hacked into the EPC panel, and hooked up special applications. The technique brings the man a monthly income of 864 dollars.

Raval says that he spends only $ on charging Tesla 38 per month is much less than electricity bills if you mine cryptocurrency in the usual way. But there are also problems – for interfering with the system, an American can lose the car warranty.

Expert comments

The situation was commented on by Whit Gibbs, CEO and founder of the mining company Compass. He believes that such a model has all the ingredients for successful mining.

“You have a power source, you have a place, you can build in cooling. And, of course, Tesla’s battery provides the necessary power for the ASIC to work, “the specialist summed up.

Expert Alessi Sommers is skeptical about the miner’s words.

“I would estimate the GPU hashrate in this Tesla model at level 7 – 01 MH / s. Equipment with a hash rate 20 MH / s brings about 13, 38 dollars of income on the air, and this does not include expenses “

Somers added that he has not been mining for a long time due to the complexity of the process.

“I could have made more money working at McDonald’s”

Would you donate your Tesla to try cryptocurrency mining?

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