The 12-year-old artist earned $ 6 million on the NFT marketplace.


  • The young artist translated her works in NFT and exhibited on OpenSea
  • They were sold at the auction for $ 6 million
  • She will now collaborate with TIME Magazine

Young artist Neela Hayes raised over $ 6 million on the OpenSea marketplace. There she sold her paintings in the now popular NFT format. The heroes of the paintings are people and fantastic creatures with long necks. She calls them Long Neckies. According to Neela, a long neck is a symbol of human power.

Neela Hayes started painting at the age of 4, and created the first “long necks” at the age of 9. Now the girl has decided to digitize her creations. First, she converted them to JPEG format, and then she used her phone to generate NFT versions. She uses the regular free Apple app and then uploads digital art on OpenSea.

By the way, would you like to create your own NFT too? We have removed a simple and understandable instruction on how to do this:

NFT Creation Visual Tutorial

In simple words, we will explain to you how to sell your NFT on OpenSea. Let’s consider several ways to sell NFT!

TIME magazine became interested in the young genius – they invited her to become a member of the TIMEPieces project. This is a platform that provides promotional support to artists to promote them in the NFT space. Also TIME ordered portraits from her from the collection “ “(Woman of the Year).

Neela has enough energy for everything. She recently collaborated with another NFT master, 7-year-old Emilio. Together, the children have created a collection of ice cream NFT drawings. It will multiply and generate millions of new tokens.

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