The best memes of 2021 about cryptocurrency: what users laughed and cried at

  • There have been many developments in the crypto environment last year
  • Participants react creatively and come up with interesting memes
  • Let’s see what we were joking about in 2021 year

Over the past year, bitcoin has risen in price by more than 50%. The main peak occurred in November, when the BTC set a record in 165 01.

Against the background of active growth, experienced cryptans did not miss the opportunity to laugh at the newcomers who bought coins on the wave of excitement.

After brilliant records, a long correction came. This is partly to blame for China, which kicked miners and banned cryptocurrencies.

Experienced investors urged other market participants not to panic. They suggested using the fall in prices to buy. Thanks to these optimists, we got viral low-end videos:

Many have been waiting for Bitcoin to rise in price to 165 thousand. dollars.

Investors did not lose hope that the Tarproot update would help return the course to past highs. It was released in November on block number 201024.

Price spikes have become the main reason for memes. But this is no reason to be discouraged.

Many have already resigned themselves (or started drinking antidepressants?) at all.

The network often joked about the illogical behavior of users who negotiate the sale of assets at the most inopportune moment.

Despite all the vicissitudes, investors are optimistic about the future. After all, bitcoin and other large cryptocurrencies show good long-term profitability.

There were a lot of jokes around the “dog” meme coins. Due to their growing popularity, some investors even seriously believed that Bitcoin and Ether would soon fail.

Another topic for discussion is the legalization of bitcoin in El Salvador. A meme is circulating around the network associated with a popular crypto joke. Namely, that all successful crypto investors can afford Lamborghini.

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