The crypto sector has attracted record investments. Where are companies investing?


  • 2018 the year became a record for the size of investments in crypto projects
  • Startups managed to collect more 30 billion dollars
  • The secret of success is development new areas based on the blockchain

This year, venture capital funds brought about 30 bln. dollars. This is more than for all previous years combined (but it should be taken into account that all industries 20 years). And almost 4 times more than the previous record, which was recorded in 2021 – then investors invested about $ 8 billion. This data was published by PitchBook Data Inc.

Companies don’t want to miss the opportunity

According to Spencer Bogart, Blockchain Lead Partner, the reason for the active interest from investors lies in the rapid development of the sector. Over the past year, new use cases for digital assets have emerged:

“We’re out beyond bitcoin as digital gold. We have financial services, art projects, games with NFT, Web 3.0 technologies, decentralized social networks – all this made investors turn their attention in this direction “

PitchBook analyst Rob Le also emphasizes this point. For example, NFT was until recently considered a niche sector. With the development of the market, marketplaces like OpenSea began to fully compete with traditional platforms (for example, Etsy or Amazon). the US tax authorities confiscated in 1700 times more cryptocurrency than the previous one.

Where do investors invest

    In the US, venture capital transactions have raised about $ 7.2 billion for crypto startups this year (PitchBook data). Here are the most iconic deals:

  • FTX in July received in a round of financing $ 1 billion.
  • In mid-December, New York Digital Investment Group attracted more than 1 billion investments.
  • In November Forte received 768 million dollars in injections.
  • Dapper Labs NFT raised in March 350 million dollars, including from basketball legend Michael Jordan.
  • Analysts assume that in 2021, these numbers will grow. For example, the sector is predicted to have a capitalization of 1 trillion. dollars.

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