The first crypto-drive: all the details and an exclusive interview


  • Ministry of Digital Transformation presents the first e-hryvnia
  • The first crypto salary will be received by the IT employees of Diya
  • The next step is the law on the circulation of electronic money

TASKOMBANK launches a test project of e-hryvnia on the Stellar blockchain. As part of the pilot, operations with crypto-maneuver are protesting at the employees of the IT department of the DIA. They will receive their first salaries through the blockchain.

Incrypted was the first to do an exclusive interview at the start of the idea:

The project will be managed by Bitt’s Digital Currency Management System (DCMS). Bitt states that their technology provides “secure emission, storage and transfers in e-hryvnia.”

If the pilot is successful, 2022 the state will finally fix the circulation of electronic money through the Law on Payment Services.

The representative of TASKOMBANK Vladimir Dubey commented on this project:

“Virtual assets increasingly affect our daily life and the economic picture. Therefore, it is important for a bank to take advantage of blockchain technology and new related products.

Cooperation with Bitt and Stellar will allow us to combine the TASKOMBANK banking system with the blockchain infrastructure. As a result, we will create a new ecosystem with a full range of banking products and payments on the Stellar blockchain. Digital currency is the first step towards more sophisticated virtual asset services, and we look forward to it. ”

Is E-hryvnia a cryptocurrency?

Digital currency belongs to the CBDC category. It combines the features of cryptocurrency and conventional (fiat) currency. CBDC cryptocurrencies provide modern blockchain technologies, the ability to use them in smart contracts, and so on. And from fiat money – a stable exchange rate and state management.

Meanwhile, some businessmen are betting on bitcoin. So, last week, journalists caught Igor Kolomoisky in mining cryptocurrency on the territory of the Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant. The scandal erupted due to the fact that the oligarch bought cheap electricity from the state for mining.

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