The number of decentralized exchanges has grown by 550%

Crypto exchanges are consolidating and winning. DeFi turnover on exchanges has grown by 591% over the year! While the number of centralized exchanges is declining.

As an INCRYPTED correspondent reports, a group of researchers from Chainalysis has published a report on the “cryptocurrency landscape”, which clearly shows the rapid increase in DeFi trading volumes on major DEX exchanges.

If in August 2020 the DeFi sector gave $ 22 – 55 billions of turnover, then in 2021 the turnover exceeded $ 300 – 394 billion, The most active month in history was April, during which DeFi services and products were bought and sold for about $ 800 billion. There is also an obvious trend and almost exponential growth in monthly volumes, the decline occurred for months immediately after the mining ban in China, when the industry was covered by a wave of falling prices.

It is noteworthy that despite the increase in the total volume of transactions, the number of exchanges stabilized at the levels 2020 of the year (they were registered in 2021 672, and the maximum number of exchangers was in August 2020, when the number of exchanges was 845).

If we compare by business models, then the most active growth is in DEX, while the number of OTC brokers and high-risk exchanges is rapidly falling. The derivatives market has grown slightly, centralized exchanges are losing market share in favor of DEX.

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