The policeman who mined bitcoins right at work was fired from the authorities


  • Employee fired employee, who set up a mining farm right at the workplace
  • In addition, he will pay an impressive electricity penalty
  • Still trial ahead

In Saratov, an investigation was completed against a traffic police officer who was engaged in bitcoin mining right at the workplace. The amount of damage is 296 thousand rubles (almost 4 thousand dollars). Now his case has been sent to court.

A police officer mined cryptocurrency for six months, for this he used a utility room in the traffic police department. Management noticed something was wrong when high electricity bills began to come in. It turned out that for six months the employee spent electricity for 296 thousand rubles.

Now the judges will take care of the case. According to the law, a would-be policeman faces imprisonment for up to 4 years.

This is not the first such case in the vastness of Europe. So, in the summer in Poland, they caught the local police on a hot IT specialist. And in May last year, policemen from Nikolayevshchina distinguished themselves – they first confiscated mining equipment from entrepreneurs, and then they themselves began to use them to extract bitcoins.

Everyone can mine. And even Kolomoisky

Another such scandal flared up in Ukraine today. This time, the employees of the Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant were caught in the mining. It turned out that the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky installed about 2.6 thousand blocks for the production of cryptocurrencies at his plant. And in order not to overpay for electricity, they bought it at a discount from the state-owned enterprise Energoatom.

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