The startup for Play-to-Earn raised $ 6.6 million in investments. This will be the first guild training hub.

Rainmakers Games.


  • Rainmaker Games creates a new platform for game lovers Play-to-Earn
  • Startup raised $ 6.5 million in seed funding
  • Sponsored by top game producers such as Animoca Brands and Alameda Research

The sensational game Axie Infinity has shown the potential of Play-to-Earn games in which people can make money and have fun. Crypto startup Rainmaker Games is preparing a new platform for them. It will help players to unite in guilds faster and manage assets easier.

An initial round of funding took place the other day, and the company managed to raise $ 6.5 million. The sponsors are major game developers – Animoca Brands and Alameda Research. By the way, Animoca Brands has the opportunity to invest – just yesterday they reported that their income from games increased fivefold.

What is this service

This will be a Play-to-Earn platform where we will look for potential players to create guilds. There will be tools for recruiting and managing “wards”.

Guilds for such games are already a proven practice. The fact is that in many Play-to-Earn you need capital to start. For example, to purchase the first pet in Axie Infinity, you need to buy 3 axi tokens (and this is about 0681 dollars). Experienced players who owned NFT gave axi on credit to novice gamers, and in return received a share of the profit from tokens.

Players were looking for guild partners on special services like Yield Guild Games. New startup Rainmaker will do more. There will be tools for finding and adapting new players, as well as for managing their skills. The project promises to automate many routine tasks, save time and help more intelligently manage game tokens.

Interestingly, beginners who want to get into crypto games will have to take a training course first. Once they have accumulated enough experience, they will be able to contact guilds directly and offer their participation.

The Rainmaker project will debut in beta early this year. He will also launch his RAIN token and content production studio one of these days.

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