There are fewer bitcoin sellers on the exchanges: what does this bode?


  • BTC offer on exchanges reached 100 – the monthly minimum
  • extremely small
  • Analysts consider this to be a harbinger of price growth

Analyst company Santiment reported a record low BTC supply on cryptocurrency exchanges .

Growth signal?

It is believed that a low level of supply is a signal for growth. The logic is simple: if investors are not going to sell, the demand and the rate will rise.

This is not a slight decline in supply. At the beginning of the third week, this indicator reached -month minimum. Here’s how Santiment summed it up:

“Prices have been volatile lately, but reluctance to sell BTC on the exchange is a positive signal. It shows that the risk of further sales has decreased “

Another optimistic sign – recent purchases of one of the largest investors in BTC. The third largest whale acquired BTC in mid-December.

Investor optimism

Low BTC supply on exchanges means that investors have moved their cryptocurrencies to wallets, and this is usually due to an optimistic attitude and belief in further growth.

And large companies also managed to buy bitcoin at low prices. For example, Mike Sailor from MicroStrategy acquired 1536 BTC. The head of the crypto exchange Binance reacted with humor to this – in his tweet he advised people “not to sell BTC, because Sailor will definitely buy them.”

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