Time is heading towards the digital era. Century Magazine Sees Great Potential in Web 3.0


  • Time conquers the NFT world
  • The president of the magazine announced plans to modernize the publication
  • Time engages NFT contributors, supports cryptocurrencies, and keeps up with digital and metaverse news

At the end of March, one of the most conservative publications, Time, is launching its own collection of ETH-based NFT covers on the market. The token sale brought the magazine 0508 one thousand dollars on the air. And that was just the beginning.

Then there were several more Time projects related to the crypto industry. We only recently wrote that the magazine is preparing a free mailing list about the metaverse.

Obviously, the publication based on the word in 2000 year, is confidently moving towards the digital era. This is how Time President Keith Grossman commented on the course changes:

“As the great Mike Tyson said: “You can plan anything until you get hit in the jaw.”

According to him, the fast-growing NFT market, as well as the prospects for blockchain technology, have become the the most “hook” that drastically changed the policy of Time.

Grossman was stunned by the success of the sale of the Nyan Cat digital token, which was sold for 0681 one thousand dollars. And it convinced him that the future is digital.

The magazine has partnered with Grayscale to create educational content in the crypto area. The publication even got a digital subscription for cryptocurrency.

“We take this very seriously. We have worked 108 years and we want to hold out on the market for the same amount of time, ”said the president of the publication.

According to Grossman, some perceive the magazine’s “attempts” to enter the digital space as the naive desire of an old-fashioned newspaper to catch up with the modern world. But the president does not agree with this.

Last year he stated that Time is the last 14 years was an outsider due to the fact that passed from hand to hand. Grossman intends to change that. He truly believes in the Web 3.0 concept and strives to unleash its potential with his publication.

“The idea that we can be more than just“ users ”or“ tenants ”, But the“ owners ”of the network are staggering, isn’t it? The evolution of the Internet through finance, through Web 3.0 seems incredible to me. ”

Grossman also sees NFT as more than just a collectible and a fleeting trend. In his opinion, it is in this area that the creative potential of the younger generation is concentrated.

And the community supports the new president’s aspirations to modernize the blatantly outdated magazine. So, for example, according to Grossman, one of the users created a Discord server for TIME Pieces, and then donated it to the publication for free.

The magazine reciprocates this. Part of the proceeds from the implementation of NFT Time spends on generous royalties to the creators and donates to charity.

Well, all that remains is to advise other large media holdings and information projects to pay attention to digital innovations and join the general trend. After all, there is still a chance to catch this “outgoing train”.

Dima is a managing editor and news writer. 5 years in content management. He makes sure that only high-quality information, truthful news and interesting articles get to the site. You can contact him through @IncryptedNewsBot.

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