Turkey Legalizes Cryptocurrencies To “Enter Top Ten Economies”


  • Turkish Cryptocurrency Law ready and will soon go to parliament
  • This news was confirmed by President Erdogan himself
  • The country will implement a new economic model to contain inflation of the lira

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that the draft law on cryptocurrencies is already ready. The new rules will soon go to parliament, where they will be further analyzed by the deputies. After that, the law will go to the vote and gain force.

New Economic Model

During a press conference in Istanbul, President Erdogan outlined plans for a new economic model. And also how the cryptocurrency law will help to implement them.

First of all, the Turkish authorities will do everything to stop the fall in the lira exchange rate. The President believes that “its rate will find its own price in the market.”

Cryptocurrencies are the secret of economic success

The President predicts that with the introduction of the new law on cryptocurrencies, Turkey will become one of the 10 of the world’s largest economies.

Commenting on the rise in prices in the region, he threatened to track sellers who change prices several times a day .

We want them to slow down the dollar growth now”, – summed up Erdogan.

By the way, the United States also recently announced a comprehensive bill on markets cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies have been legalized by many countries. Ukraine plans to do this in the next year.

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