Twitch Co-Founder Launches Own NFT Gaming Marketplace on Solana


  • Justin Kahn announced creating a gaming NFT marketplace
  • On the resource, participants will be able to buy tokens directly from developers and exchange them with each other
  • The co-founder of the project announced a couple of gaming companies that are ready to release the first NFT

Co-founder of Twitch streaming platform Justin Kahn announced the creation of a new gaming NFT marketplace. The project was named Fractal.

The platform is designed to create NFTs, as well as their exchange between users. According to Kahn, he has already reached an agreement with some of the major developers for minting tokens on the Fractal platform.

Robin Chan, co-founder of gaming company XPD Media, and ex-Shopify employee Michael Angell, joined the development.

“People could always make a little extra money playing computer games. What is happening now on the Web 3.0 sites is a natural evolution in favor of property rights, which is what gamers so wanted, ”said Kahn.

Notably, Kahn invested $ 8 million in another Web 3.0 project in November. This is a P2E project, reminiscent of the usual “Mafia”. The development is also created on the Solana blockchain.

Kan promised to talk about the nearest plans regarding the development of the marketplace, the emission of the first tokens and partners in an extensive interview this week.

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