Twitter has a blockchain department led by experienced Tess Rinearson

Twitter said it is forming a dedicated Twitter Crypto division. The team will handle everything related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralized applications (dApps) and DeFi.

As reported by INCRYPTED, Tess Rinearson will be the head of the new department. She previously worked on projects such as, Tendermint Core and Cosmos.

On her account, Rinearson said she is delighted to be part of the Twitter team. She added that the project will deal with cryptography, blockchains and other technologies for decentralizing the social network. And also questions that go beyond cryptocurrency.

What will happen on Twitter Crypto?

The company promises that will soon add decentralized technologies, NFT identification and new payments to its infrastructure. And the best part is that content creators will be able to earn cryptocurrency.

By the way, you can already send donations in Bitcoin on Twitter. According to Rinnearson, the team is currently exploring what else can be proposed in this direction.

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