Twitter record 2021: Bitcoin mentioned 101 million times. And that's why

Твиттер-рекорд 2021: биткоин упомянули 101 млн. раз. И вот почему


  • Bitcoin was mentioned this year in 101 million tweets
  • It’s on 350% more than that year, and absolute all-time record
  • Let’s see which events caused the largest bursts

This year, not only the price of bitcoin has grown, but also its popularity. When the king of cryptocurrencies rose in price at the speed of light, the whole world was watching. This is especially noticeable if you look at the statistics of publications and mentions on social networks.

According to the research company Visibrain, for the last 10 months people published 22 million tweets with the word “bitcoin”. This is 394% more, than in 2021 year.

There are several reasons why interest in Bitcoin has grown in social networks over the past year:

  1. More and more people in general began to learn about the existence of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Over the year, MTC has more than doubled in price.
  3. At the same time, the exchange rate fluctuated greatly throughout the year.
  4. There were many related cultural and political news that caused a surge of emotions. Both good and bad.
    1. Bursts by seasons

      The graph shows how interest grew waves, depending on certain events.

      In February, social networks exploded with the news that Tesla had purchased military-technical cooperation for $ 1.5 billion. In March, the company announced that it would accept bitcoins for payment. And in May, Tesla changed its mind about using BTC.

      At the beginning of the summer, Chinese miners started to have problems, which also led to a flurry of tweets.

      The summer was marked by the announcement of El Salvador that they were making bitcoin a state currency. In the fall, the king of cryptocurrency updated ATN. Less pleasant news is the fall of the exchange rate, problems in the USA and India, as well as criticism of some politicians.

      But it’s time to let go of the old year and look to the future. We have already prepared for you an overview of which crypto trends will change the world in

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