Ubisoft will abandon the NFT idea? Gamers staged a boycott on the network


  • Ubisoft presented its first NFT project Quartz
  • Fans covered the video with dislikes
  • According to players, NFT does not quite play the role they expected here

Ubisoft has launched a beta version of a project that will combine NFT technology and blockchain with games. It’s called Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The promo video demonstrates the platform’s capabilities. Specifically, players will be able to “build gaming and energy efficient Ubisoft NFTs.”

Users reacted extremely negatively. Let’s say right away that YouTube recently changed its rating policy, now there is no like counter under the video. However, we can test it in the Google Chrome extension. It turns out that game fans are not very supportive of Ubisoft’s latest vision. The video got 1400 likes and 37000 dislikes.

It’s hot on Reddit too. Here are a few comments:

“This is just a pumping out of the Ghost Recon series”

“You took a solid franchise and made it a laughing stock”

“I’m not totally against using the NFT system in games. For example, if she gives a digital copy that can be sold to another user. This is actually the future of gaming. I’m against how Ubisoft does it with in-game items. ”


This is not the first time a large company has been criticized for using NFT.

For example, Discord developers had to abandon plans to integrate Ethereum-based NFT after the community criticized the idea.

As you can see, NFT is – like any new phenomenon – a very controversial trend. But most likely, it will still become part of our reality.

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