Ubisoft will attract startup aleph.im to implement its NFT project


  • Startup aleph.im joins the Ubisoft team
  • The project will provide a decentralized server for storing tokens
  • Digits will receive an analogue of PoS in the form of the ability to view the seller’s personal data and his history of achievements in the game world

Recall that in early December, the developer Ubisoft announced plans to create its own NFT platform. In theory, this site would allow users to earn tokens and buy various unique visual items for them.

The first supported game was the AAA project GR Breakpoint. However, fans greeted the initiative with skepticism, which quickly escalated into an open boycott. According to fans of the game, the company implemented NFT solely to pump out money for the purchase of skins.

To somehow save the day, Ubisoft signed an agreement with aleph.im startup. The project will become part of the developer’s laboratory, and at the same time will provide a decentralized storage for the Quartz system.

Game users will be able to earn tokens called Digits directly within the gameplay. In addition, now they can not only be exchanged, but also put up “coins” for sale. The integration has already been confirmed by the Rarible and Objkt marketplaces.

Thanks to the innovation, players will receive a kind of analogue of proof of ownership (PoF). At the conclusion of the deal, they will be able to view the owner’s name, history of his achievements and other information.

According to Ubisoft, bringing new forces to the project will allow partners to create dynamic NFTs as opposed to static ones. These tokens will develop with each new owner, gradually increasing their value.

How exactly the players will meet the innovation is still unknown. However, the integration of aleph.im solves only one problem of the Ubisoft platform – it eliminates the risk of scam and fraud.

The company still has to work on making the new NFT content not only protected, but also interesting for the average user.

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