Ubisoft will launch its own NFT platform on the Tezos blockchain


  • Ubisoft will launch on December 9 NFT platform Quartz
  • Its members will be able to buy cosmetic items for the local currency Digits
  • The first game project to implement this technology was GR Breakpoint on PC

Ubisoft announced the creation of its own NFT platform called Quartz. It is developed on the basis of the Tezos blockchain.

Pilot launch scheduled for tomorrow, December 9th. The first game to be supported will be Ghost Recon Breakpoint for Windows, available on the Ubisoft Connect platform.

“ Let me introduce you to Ubisoft Quartz. We were the first to introduce NFT tokens into an AAA game project – Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Join beta testing on Thursday December 9th with three free skins, ”the company says.

On the basis of this NFT platform, players will be able to earn a special currency – Digits. The internal content for these “coins” will be updated gradually. The first items, skins for weapons, characters and equipment, will appear 9, 15 and 18 December in the USA and Canada.

Later, gamers from Latin America, Europe and Australia will be able to join the platform.

“We see the blockchain primarily as a means of returning the value to the players that they earn and create a project in the inner world, ”said Baptiste Chardon, director of blockchain technology at Ubisoft.

Digits tokens contain proof of ownership. Thanks to Tezos technology, blockchain consumes significantly less energy than Proof-of-Work protocols.

Remarkably, earlier Ubisoft was going to create its own project through the UOS blockchain. However, so far no progress has been made on this issue.

Ubisoft remains the largest gaming company in the world to implement NFT. At the same time, gamers initially perceived the idea of ​​introducing blockchain negatively due to concerns about the unreliability of tokens.

However, according to a company representative, digital proof of ownership mitigates the risk of fraud with Digits and items for this currency.

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