US authorities believe crypto ATMs contribute to higher crime rates

В США правительство нацелилось на криптоматы. Власти считают, что терминалы способствуют повышению уровня преступности, Счетная палата США рекомендует пересмотреть нормы регулирования криптоматов

  • The US Audit Office completed an analysis of the cryptocurrency industry
  • The department pointed to an increase in the crime rate associated with the popularization of digital assets
  • The authorities believe that cryptocurrencies are used for financing illegal transactions
  • Therefore, in the department proposes to maintain a stricter basis for the regulation of cryptomats, with the help of which anyone can buy, for example, BTC

On Monday, 10 January, the United States Accounts Chamber (GAO) released a report listing recommendations to Congress regarding cryptocurrencies. The department paid special attention to how digital assets contribute to criminal activity.

In particular, they recommend revising the regulation on cryptomats.

The department believes that they are used to launder funds and finance illegal operations. And also for the purchase of drugs, weapons and human trafficking.

At the same time, they seem to “fall out” of the police’s field of vision, since the United States does not have a simple and understandable regulatory framework for such terminals.

The Court of Accounts recommends a comprehensive “audit”. Also, the department considers it expedient to involve the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Financial Crimes Network (FinCEN) in the process.

So far, this is only a list of recommendations. Then the report will be sent to Congress for consideration.

It is possible that more in-depth verification will be required to buy cryptocurrency in the terminal. At the same time, the supervisory authority will collect and “sift” the personal data of users in order to prevent crimes.

We previously reported on Congressional hearings on the environmental impact of crypto farms. According to preliminary data, the meeting will be held at the end of January.

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