US Congress prepares a hearing on the environmental impact of mining

Конгресс США готовит слушание про влияние майнинга на экологию

  • US lawmakers are concerned about the potential environmental threat from crypto farms
  • According to unconfirmed reports, Congress is preparing a hearing on this topic
  • country
  • eco-activists
  • Now USA is the world leader in BTC hashrate

According to The Block, the US Congress is actively preparing for a new hearing on cryptocurrencies. This time, lawmakers are worried about the hydrocarbon footprint of crypto farms.

After the attack by the Chinese authorities on pools, farms and the crypto industry in general, many companies left for other markets. The new leader in hashrate is the United States.

Power surges are seen in Wyoming, Texas and New York. Many crypto farms are housed in old power plants, which entails power surges, interruptions, and spontaneous outages.

The reason for the fees was also the events that took place earlier.

In October around 70 groups of eco-activists sent several letters to the House of Representatives asking for oversight of the mining industry …

In December, Senator Elizabeth Warren, an opponent of cryptocurrencies, approached Greenidge Generator Holdings. The politician demanded to publish data on the hydrocarbon footprint of the organization.

A little later, the New York Post published an article on this topic. In it, journalists wondered if crypto mining is safe for the environment. They also expressed concern that more and more companies in this area are moving to the United States.

There is no exact date for the hearing yet. However, it may pass as early as the end of the month. The authorities are now compiling lists of speakers.

Earlier we talked about the fact that miners are leaving Kazakhstan en masse. The protests in the country threaten to finally “finish off” the industry.

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