US Senate To Consider Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Law Next Year


  • Senator Cynthia Lammis prepares draft law to regulate the cryptocurrency sphere
  • The regulation provides for the creation of a new supervisory agency, control of stablecoins and measures to protect the investor
  • So far, Lammis does not have enough supporters to vote on the project, but the politician is actively promoting it

US Senator Cynthia Lammis is preparing a bill that will clarify the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United States. The bill aims to take control of stablecoin transactions, classify digital assets and implement measures to protect investors.

The senator also proposes to create a new oversight agency. It will include authorized persons from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Bloomberg reports.

Lummis herself not only supports the crypto industry, but she herself is an investor.

It is not known how much BTC she has. However, the senator claims that she did not violate the STOCK law (“On the termination of trade in secret and data of Congress”) and owns cryptocurrency in the amount of 50 10 before 100 000 dollars.

On Twitter, Lummis welcomed the “bipartisan community” and asked for support from other candidates. To be admitted to voting, a project must have at least …

Bill Lammis already has at least one opponent – Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She opposes American politicians to own cryptocurrency. At the same time, she herself adheres to this rule, since she wants to “do the work as ethically and impartially as possible”.

See also: in Burma, the “shadow” government has legalized stablecoin. The initiative was approved by the issuing company, which sees this as confirmation of the stability of the dollar.

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