User earned $ 1.4 million from the sale of NFT


  • 13 on December, a deal was made to sell the Bored Apes token # 9452
  • Paid for it 347 ETH, 1, 100 million dollars
  • The former owner purchased the token for 0, 10 ETH, that is, for 347 dollars

Yesterday, 10 December, John Knopf sold his token from the Bored Ape collection for 347 ETH (1, 22 million US dollars for 13 December). The former owner reported that he acquired the asset on the night of minting for 0, 10 ETH.

“I do not have words. Tears welling up! I am so grateful to BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) for dramatically changing my life and the life of everyone in this community. And thanks to Jeff Nicholas for convincing us to buy them, ”Knof said.

Confirmation of the deal is also available on the community page on Twitter. The identity of the buyer is unknown.

Note that the Bored Ape Yacht Club is a community of owners of a collection of NFT tokens. This includes digital art depicting so-called “bored monkeys”.

Over the past year, it has gained immense popularity. There are many stars among the club members, including comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Several factors affect the total value of the token, including the presence of lasers from the eyes, golden fur, a spacesuit and tube. The token # 9452 previously owned by Knof has three of four attributes.

The size of the collection is artificially limited. There can be no more than 13 thousands of “bored monkeys” tokens.

The creators of the Yuga Labs project have created another line of Mutant Apes. So far, it has not been promoted, and this segment is open to new “players” who want to invest in digital art.

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