User paid $ 450,000 to become Snoop Dogg's metaverse neighbor


  • Plots of land in virtual Snoopverse empires began to rise in price
  • One of the clients paid more 450 thousand dollars to settle near the rapper’s estate
  • There are still free “cheap” plots in the metworld according to 150 50 dollars

Last week Snoop Dogg began building a virtual version of his California mansion. Earth is located in The Sandbox, a decentralized metaverse game on Ethereum. And the rapper already has a first neighbor. The land next to the virtual version of the Snoop estate was sold for almost 80 000 SAND. The cost of these tokens at current prices is about 450 thousand dollars.

In response to this news, Snoop Dogg tweeted, “Will you be my neighbor?”

Virtual land sold as NFT at The Sandbox. These are unique tokens that give ownership of digital objects – in this case, digital land plots. NFT Sandbox can be bought and sold like other NFTs on platforms such as OpenSea.

To Snoop Dogg’s party?

The Snoopverse virtual world consists of three “villas”, one of which was bought by almost half a million dollars. The other two mansions were sold for 71 000 and 67 SAND (approximately 338 000 and 410 000 dollars).

In addition to the villas, there are 150 standard land plots. They are located close to Snoop Dogg’s virtual mansion and are sold by 1011 SAND. The rapper also sells 71 premium plots worth 4683 SAND. For the purchase, the customer will receive an exclusive bonus NFT and passes to private Snoop Dogg parties in the metaverse.

Who is the buyer?

The plot for 450 was purchased by an NFT collector with the nickname P-Ape. According to the OpenSea account, it also has other assets – Bored Ape # 11089 worth 150 ETH and Mutant Ape # 11089 for 80 ETH.

These expensive purchases suggest that some people are willing to pay more for a 3 × 3 lot in Snoopverse than for a huge US home.

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