What will you wear tomorrow to meet your friends in the metaverse?

In the near future, we will witness a revolution in the field of digital fashion thanks to the active development of the metaverse. A new culture of consumption is being created, a completely new market is being formed, but not in real life, but in digital worlds.

At MasterBundles, a marketplace for digital elements to create superior design, we increasingly notice that designers, artists, creators create design, collectibles, clothing in the digital sphere. And the cost of these objects is dozens of times higher than the prices in our usual reality.

In the future, we will have even more exciting opportunities for digital fashion, the development of creativity, the earnings of companies engaged in the development of brands in the metaverse. Major apparel brands have stated, directly or indirectly, that they are interested in entering this new niche. What are the prospects for designers and fashion designers? How to make money on this trend and how long will it last?

The first sales market is video games

The computer gaming industry exists more 140 years, and the last 22 years in the gameplay there were already elements of game fashion. Final Fantasy, The Sims, Second Life laid the foundations for the future of social content, digital fashion and style 2 decades ago. Even then, developers began to hire not just programmers or designers, but fashion designers with a more professional bias, so that they could create images that meet the needs of young people.

Another example of a game metaverse. Source: Fortnite

Today, this trend has reached the next level! Fashion designers can make big bucks, but not in the real sector, but creating digital collections for big brands and labels. There can be a lot of options: offer a ready-made selection of images in your favorite game, work in the development staff, modify existing models.

Avatars get ready

It’s useless to deny this – people care about how their avatar looks. In the virtual world of Decentraland, users can create and sell their own clothing for players. Designer Hiroto Kai just overnight created a unique kimono model, which he put up for sale for only 140 dollars, however, due to the huge demand, the digital kimono brought the fashion designer 18 – 50 thousands of dollars in just 3 weeks. And there are a lot of such examples. Thousands of dollars are no longer uncommon.

There is an assumption that in the future people will spend most of their day in the metaverse, therefore, the role of clothing in the online environment will only grow. Moreover, for designers, this is a completely new and limitless way of self-expression. It doesn’t matter what kind of education you have, experience, what brands you have worked with before. Just create something unique and sales can skyrocket. Especially if there is already some kind of community around you.

Avatars in the metaverse. Source: Decentraland

In Decentraland, avatar clothing can be bought and sold as non-fungible tokens ( NFT), so the intellectual rights of the author are recorded on the blockchain, and you can earn both sales and royalties. Niche crypto assets are attracting the attention of the world’s largest brands seeking to associate themselves with the new generation of gamers. The logic is simple – if a person wants to buy clothes in the game, it will be easier for him to sell them in the real world.

Now it looks more like advanced marketing, but soon metaverse games will consume more and more branded NFT accessories, digital clothing, home furnishings, and the market may expand to the size of the real sector.

Crypto enthusiast and fashion model Imani McEwan believes that already in this decade, every American will spend on items in the metaverse from 5 to 15 thousand dollars per year, most of the purchased NFT – it will be clothing.

Virtual space is a new method of interacting with a brand. If earlier fans learned about new products from fashionable glossy magazines, now this can be done by exploring the virtual space, for example, Decentraland. For example, on this platform there already exists a unique virtual shopping center, in which Republic Realm has invested more 10 million dollars, the next step is to open brand stores for NFT online fashion enthusiasts …

How to make money on this for a designer or fashion designer?

To create your own NFT token, it is enough to have only the following set of tools:

  • Registration at the site where the mints take place (NFT release);
  • Wallet with cryptocurrency to pay commissions or “gas”;
        Digital artwork, your model, picture, bow, style.

      Then everything will be determined by the originality of the idea and its popularity among potential buyers. NFT clothes can be sold at auction or for a fixed price, collections and sets with one common theme can be produced.

      Today it is rather an option for famous designers with a ready-made target audience. For example, the trendiest sneakers (3 pairs) similar to Nike Air Force were sold for $ 3.1 million. The original estimate was only $ 3 – 15 thousands, but in the course auction price skyrocketed to seven figures. The point is in the support of the crypto design company Rtfkt, a young 18 by a summer artist under the pseudonym Fewocious. The trades took place at the OpenSea site. Many apparel brands link digital assets to real apparel, so when NFTs are purchased, a physical “copy” of the purchased sneaker, dress, or suit is also sent to the new owner.

      Designing clothes for the metaverse

      The work is to create 3D models for the gaming industry. In the future, there will be even more sites where it will be possible to create your own digital clothing collections or interior items.

      A striking example of a digital trading platform for NFT – DressX, launched in 2022 year. Several hundreds of clothing options are already presented here, which are integrated into many projects and can even be used in everyday life (for using an avatar, photo editing).

    Clothes for metaverse. Source: highsnobiety

    More than $ 432 million, many analysts believe that by the end 20472 investments in digital design, architecture, clothing, accessories will exceed $ 2-3 billion.

    Benefits of designers working with the metaverse:

    • almost anyone can create digital I am fashion without production, material, financial costs;
        no restrictions by the laws of physics – in the digital world other laws apply;
    • unlimited scalability – you can make tens of thousands of digital copies in a few minutes;
      • the possibility of custom settings, unique image;
      • clothes do not wear out or deteriorate;

    • many things from the digital world can be recreated in reality;
    • NFT clothes cannot be destroyed, they are not subject to time.

    First The first step towards a true metaverse is the implementation of NFT technology. Digital fashion creators can now transfer their ideas and creations to digital worlds, and get money – real!

    At the moment, a unified standard for the implementation of digital objects between sites has not yet been developed, so for each metaverse you need to create its own wardrobe.

    Fashion is the primary means by which we can express ourselves in a social context, and digital fashion allows us to do so with fewer restrictions. Although the industry is still in its infancy, the prospects and endless possibilities for designers and fashion designers are already clear. There is a feeling that we are at the beginning of a long and interesting journey.

    Frequently asked Questions

    What is the metaverse?

    The metaverse ( Metaverse) is a set of 3D worlds that you explore as an avatar. Do you want us to tell you everything there is to know about it in just 8 minutes?

    What is an avatar in the metaverse?

    The word “avatar” comes from Stevenson’s novel. People connected to the metaverse using avatars and could do everything the same as in the real world: travel, communicate with other users, work, search for information. At what stage is the development of the metauniverses now, read Incrypted.


    How to make money on the metaverse?

    It is already possible to make money on the metaverse today. For example, fashion designers can make big money, but not in the real sector, but creating digital collections for big brands and labels. There can be a lot of options: offer a ready-made selection of images in your favorite game, work in the development staff, modify existing models. Read more about this in the article.

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