YouMinter: AMA session, project overview

YouMinter is an easy-to-use social network for iOS and Android with feed, followers and likes. The main feature is that all publications are NFT.

You can create, minty and share NFT on any blockchain.

YouMinter is an ideal tool for bloggers, influencers, creators, fans and collectors:

  • Create exclusive NFT content and publish it to your feed;
  • Build your own fan community, share your NFTs with them and sell them at the best price;
  • Become a part of the company by promoting your account and increasing the number of your followers.

The main advantages of YouMinter

  • Easy to use

YouMinter mobile app will be available for iOS and Android and it is the only thing you need to create, sell, buy or send your NTF. It’s a social app, so we’re adding everything you need to build communities, follow bloggers and artists, and communicate with all of them in one place.

  • Built on the basis of the NEAR protocol

The technology is safe, simple and guarantees you reliable and stable performance. Moreover, with the NEAR protocol, the cost of transactions will be practically free.

  • Everything is simple and intuitive

You do not need to deal with multiple applications, devices, wallets or study the details of the blockchain, because that now all workflows are native and available in one place – the YouMinter mobile application with the ability to use Apple and Google Pay for transactions

YouMinter Partners

Official resources of the project:





The winners of our AMA Best Questions Contest will be announced at the end of the article.

AMA (ask me anything)

Incryp ted: Hi Joe! Welcome, please introduce yourself to our community.

YouMinter : Hi ! My name is Joe, and I represent YouMinter, a company that aims to bring together NFT artists, their fans and collectors. We give access to our application to create, buy and collect various NFTs.

Incrypted: There are many projects and we would like to understand the purpose of your project and what makes it different.

YouMinter : YouMinter is a fresh take on the NFT industry. We make it accessible to a “non-crypto” audience, and also as easy to use as possible. We offer a kind of social network for artists and fans of NFT art.

The user gets the opportunity to create NFTs in the built-in editor, publish them and set a price, as well as form thematic collections within the application.

Incrypted: There are many projects, how do you plan to differentiate yourself from the competition? How are you going to promote your project?

YouMinter : We are neither with with whom we do not compete. We target audiences far beyond the crypto and NFT industries. Currently, our project has no direct competitors, and this is the only comprehensive solution that does not require any side services from users. Our uniqueness is our main competitive advantage.

Incrypted: What 5 YouMinter functions can you name?

YouMinter : The first is its simplicity, even for non-NFT people. We’re also adding social features to it that set us apart from marketplaces. Third, we add multiple levels of monetization to it. Moreover, the NEAR protocol allows us to create DAOs for any account, this is a fantastic feature and we will definitely use it internally.

Incrypted: Will the project have a token? How can the audience interact with him?

YouMinter : Of course you you can familiarize yourself with tokenomics on our website. We plan to build it into an advertiser app and use it to increase product, etc. Additional features will be available for owners and holders.

Incrypted: About startup, tell me when it might happen and where is your IDO going?

YouMinter : There were 2 IDOs on Boca Chica and Smartpad. Boca Chica’s results are impressive, users have deposited more than $ 1.2 million there. We plan to hold another IDO in Uplift in 2 days, please follow our twitter and medium. The product is scheduled to launch in Q1

Incrypted: What awaits YouMinter in the future? What is your schedule for the next couple of months?

YouMinter : Convenience use and safety is our top priority. While we are developing, the marketing department is actively working on our activities, and we are discussing issues of cooperation and interaction. The hardest part is deciding what to include in the first release, because on the one hand it needs to be awesome and full of features, on the other hand we need to get it out as quickly as possible. Therefore, the main task is product launch and related marketing.

Incrypted: How expensive is it for artists to create an NFT? What payments will be available in the app?

YouMinter : Once we we find ourselves on NEAR, we practically do not bear any expenses. The fee can be paid in several different ways – using a wallet or the simplest one – Apple and Google Pay.

Incrypted: How can an artist create his NFT? Is it paid?

YouMinter : Algorithm for creating NFT is simplified as much as possible : The app has an internal editor that helps you upload, edit and convert an image to NFT in a couple of minutes.

Incrypted: What other features does YouMinter provide for artists?

YouMinter : You can set a specific price on the NFT or hold an auction. There is also the option to combine NFTs into a thematic collection and exhibition. You can also use internal advertising tools such as daily and weekly toplists, email campaigns, team picks, and more to energize your work.

Incrypted: How will the project be secured?

YouMinter : A functionality will appear that provides the ability to “complain” about a specific NFT. This means that we can respond to such complaints and remove NFTs from the application that violate certain rules. According to our Privacy Policy, we collect several types of information for different purposes in order to provide and improve our services.

Question Competition Winners: @OKostitsyn, @ftbottom, @Valerii_Selivanov, @laconiichno, @B_arhipov

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